Split Ductless Air Conditioning Systems FAQ

What is a Ductless Split System?

carrier-single_ductless_RAS_high_wall_system-1A ductless split system, basically speaking, is split into an interior unit that includes a fan (called the evaporator), and an exterior unit containing the compressor (called the condenser). Both units are linked through the use of insulated copper refrigerant tubing together with electrical wiring. The units can heat and cool all or just one room of the building it is connected to.

How Long Have They Been Around?

Ductless split systems were designed and developed in the 1970s in Japan. They have tremendously grown since then to become a favorite heating and cooling system throughout Europe, Asia, together with other parts of the world. During the last 25 years, interest in this system has grown in the US.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Ductless Split System as Opposed to Wall Air or Window Conditioner?

carrier-single_ductless_GR_high_wall_system-3This system is nearly silent when operating, as opposed to a room air unit. The technology utilized is quite sophisticated. They’re able to deliver exact temperature control. The variable speed compressors in them use maximum electrical efficiency through only delivering the required amount of British Thermal Units (BTUs) to cool the room, and not the maximum BTUs this unit is rated for. They are installed mostly next to or over a doorway or window. This allows it to not block the window’s view, or let in cold drafts in winter.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Split System Installation Over a Central Duct System?

A ductless split system doesn’t utilize ductwork. The cooled or heated air is normally delivered right into the room. This allows maximum efficiency together with exact control of temperature. They’re essential when a room is added to a standing structure, or if your central air does not adequately reach a room. They cost less to operate, and are also more energy efficient compared to central systems, because you have the option to heat or cool a particular area, and not the whole house.

How do I Select the Right Ductless Split System?

carrier-ductless_GJ_multi-zone_system-5When choosing any HVAC system, size is always one of the greatest factors. Especially if you have already decided on the type of system you want (ductless split). You want to be certain that you get a system that can handle heating and cooling your entire home with ease, without overpaying for a system that is too large. When factoring in your budget, always go for the most efficient system you can afford to ensure maximum monthly savings and potential tax credits.

What’s Their Life Expectancy?

With proper care and maintenance, manufacturers suggest the unit should operate for up to 20 years. Always receive routine maintenance so that you can be certain that you are getting the most out of your system, without running the risk of untimely system failure.

Does WGD Offer a Ductless Split System?

Absolutely! It’s one of our most popular products because of the efficiency it provides for local Hockessin residents. You can find our split system air conditioners here. If you have any further questions before making this large purchase, feel free to reach out to the experts at William G Day Company.

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