Cleaning the ducts in your Wilmington, DE home is wise because it improves the indoor air quality and makes your HVAC system more energy efficient, which saves you money. However, this is not something you can take on yourself since it requires proper training, skills and equipment. Make sure you hire a trained HVAC professional, or you may end up damaging the system, hurting yourself, or leaving the pollutants stuck in the ducts.

Chances of Damaging the Ducts

Cleaning the ductwork is an extensive task, and the complexity increases with the size of your system. Your vacuum cleaner may be good enough to clean a small portion of the ducts, but cleaning the entire ductwork requires specialized tools, like powerful vacuums with a large hose and high tech cameras to look into the ductwork.

Lack of professional skills and equipment in removing contaminants may damage the ductwork, which can be hard to detect and costly to repair. Even minor damage to the insulation or a small leak in the ducts can send system energy consumption and your utility bills soaring.

Risk of Hurting Yourself

If you try to clean the ductwork on your own without knowing how to gain access to difficult places, how to handle the equipment, what chemicals to use, and what safety precautions to take, you stand a good chance of injuring yourself. You may hurt yourself while entering a narrow space or climbing the beams. Certain chemicals that you mix to remove contaminants may produce toxic fumes and can be extremely dangerous. At the very least, you can breathe in the contaminants inside the ductwork.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A professional, with his tools and expertise, can clean every nook and corner of the ductwork and remove even the most stubborn contaminants. You, on the other hand, may spread the contaminants throughout your home while trying to remove them. This lowers the indoor air quality more than the uncleaned ducts would.

If you’re concerned enough about your home’s indoor air quality to try and clean your own ducts, then we can help. Our team specializes in improving the air you breathe, so call to schedule William G. Day’s export IAQ services today!

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