If you can’t stand the sight of your ugly thermostat, simply continue reading to discover 5 easy ways to disguise an unsightly thermostat.

How to Disguise an Ugly Thermostat

  1. Upgrade to a sleeker model – A more modern, smart thermostat will have a cleaner, sharper aesthetic than an older, clunkier model. Not only are newer thermostats programmable and able to help you save money on your energy bills, but if you’re worried about your thermostat bringing down the appeal of a given room, new models have a more typical appeal that won’t be an eyesore to you and your houseguests.
  2. Paint it – If you don’t like the look of your thermostat, paint it so that it blends into your wall. You can also paint your thermostat a more attractive color so that it works better with your home’s motif. Be careful when you’re painting as getting paint on the interior of your thermostat may affect its reading.
  3. Hide it among a collage – Disguise your thermostat by placing it amongst a collection of family photos or a decorative collage of artwork. This cluster effect is not only a great design option, but it can successfully hide your thermostat by taking the attention away with interesting and flashy artwork. Match your frames to the color of your thermostat as to avoid a harsh contrast that can actually draw more attention to your thermostat.
  4. Frame it  Make your thermostat an eye catching feature, instead of attempting to hide it. If you’d prefer not to conceal your thermostat, you can make your thermostat a little more eye catching with a simple frame. A standard picture frame could be affixed to your wall to make your thermostat more attractive, or decorative tiles can be placed around the thermostat to turn into an attractive fixture on your wall.
  5. Cover it with a painting or mirror – Added wall decor is a great way to finish off a room. Mirrors can also be utilized in smaller rooms or spaces to enhance the perceived size of the room.

While this is an extremely effective way to improve the appearance of a room with an unsightly thermostat, you should be careful when covering your thermostat. Encasing your thermostat too closely can affect its ability to properly read a given room’s temperature.

When it comes to DIY remember that you’re only limited by your own imagination! So if your ugly thermostat annoys you on a daily basis, it’s time to get creative and either conceal or decorate your thermostat, so that it no long bothers you.

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