Programmable and smart thermostats, high-efficiency furnace upgrades, and attic insulation can all lower your heating costs in Wilmington, Delaware this winter. Here are four more ways to save money on your energy bills:

1. Tune Up Your HVAC System

Many people mistakenly believe that skipping heating maintenance now and then is an easy way to save money. In fact, skipping tune-ups will cost you money. Studies show that up to 95 percent of HVAC breakdowns are preventable with regular equipment servicing. Maintenance can also reduce HVAC operational costs by up to 40 percent.

2. Adjust and Insulate Your Water Heater

Water heating accounts for almost 20 percent of Wilmington residential energy use. Most water heater thermostats are set at 140ºF. However, a setting of 120ºF is sufficient for most homes and can reduce energy costs by up to 22 percent. Lowering the temperature also slows down mineral buildup and corrosion in the tank and pipes. You can save an additional 16 percent on hot water by wrapping an older tank in an insulation blanket. These blankets are available pre-cut at most hardware stores for about $20.

3. Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters can be up to 34 percent more efficient than traditional water heaters. ENERGY STAR estimates that the average savings for a typical family with an ENERGY STAR-qualified tankless unit can be over $100 per year.

4. Switch to LED Holiday Lights

LED holiday lights use about 90 percent less energy than traditional holiday lights. LED lights are also cooler than traditional lights, so they’re safer. LED lights can last for up to 40 holiday seasons, and because they’re so durable and sturdy, they resist breakage. As many as 25 LED lighting strings can be connected to each other without overloading a socket.

Additional ways to potentially lower your Delaware energy bill this winter include heat pump water heating, zoned HVAC systems, and ductless heating. To learn more, visit William G Day Company or call us at (302) 219-5591 for more information.

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