As the seasons change in Wilmington, Delaware, many local residents notice their allergies starting to flare up. If you’re in this boat, you may be looking for ways to get relief from the uncomfortable symptoms, which can include congestion, eye irritation, sore throats, and headaches. Eliminate allergens for good in your home by taking some action in the rooms where you spend most of your time. Read on to learn how you can do this.

Start with the Bedding

When you lie down to go to bed at night, you may start to feel the familiar symptoms as you try to relax. Likewise, as you wake up in the morning. Your bedding can contain a number of allergens and contaminants that cause your body to react. It helps to use dust-mite proof covers on your mattress and pillows and to wash your bedding at least once a week in very hot water.

If you use down comforters or blankets made with feathers, replace them with those filled with synthetic materials. Long curtains and drapes can also collect dust and other contaminants, so replace these with blinds or take them down and wash them regularly. Avoid keeping your windows open when you’re asleep.

Purify the Air

The quality of the air you breathe within your home can have an effect on your allergies. Poor indoor air quality is a growing problem and is often caused by a buildup of contaminants within the HVAC ducts. Regular duct cleaning can keep the air clean and healthy, but you may need to take it a step further if your allergies are severe.

Using an air purifier can remove some of the contaminants found in the air you breathe, providing a cleaner atmosphere. Tabletop air purifiers work well in bedrooms and smaller spaces, while whole-home air purifiers provide more effective particle removal through your HVAC system. Make sure to choose a unit with a HEPA-rated filter to ensure that it will remove the majority of the contaminants in your home.

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