Engineered for whole-home comfort, gas furnaces are the most common type of heating equipment in Delaware and across the nation. While they offer many years of reliable service, problems can occasionally arise. A well-timed furnace repair can prevent a minor malfunction from turning into a major expense. Here are five reasons why your gas furnace may need a heating repair in Wilmington, Delaware.

1. Your Furnace Is Making Strange Noises

Loud bangs, rattling and high-pitched squeals are clear signs that something’s wrong with your furnace. These unexpected sounds often occur when a component comes loose. A heating repair from a qualified HVAC contractor can set things right.

2. You Keep Adjusting the Thermostat

When furnaces fail to deliver the warmth you want, raising the temperature setting is a natural response. If you’re constantly making adjustments, however, it’s time to call in the experts. Whether it’s a faulty thermostat or leaky ductwork, a skilled service technician can resolve the problem.

3. Your Furnace Blows Cold Air

Gas furnaces come equipped with safety devices that turn off the burners when components overheat. If the fan runs but only blows cold air, call in your trusted HVAC professional to identify the underlying cause. Overheated equipment is a fire hazard that demands immediate attention.

4. Your Heating Costs Are Skyrocketing

Furnace components may operate independently, but they’re all interrelated in some way. A single malfunction can force the entire system to run for longer periods, raising your energy expenses. A timely furnace repair can lower your heating costs all winter long.

5. You Missed Your Annual Furnace Checkup

Gas furnaces require regularly scheduled tune-ups to keep them running at peak performance. Professional HVAC maintenance ensures your furnace operates at top efficiency too. At William G. Day Company, our Peace of Mind Plan maximizes your comfort and minimizes your energy bills.

William G. Day Company is proud to provide quality heating repair services to Wilmington, DE and the surrounding communities. For furnace repair that you can count on to keep you comfortable, call 302-219-5591 today.

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