Fall is in the air, and it will soon be time to turn on the furnace in your Wilmington, Delaware, home. As a homeowner, you can perform several tasks to make sure your furnace is safe and ready to go when you turn it on during the fall. It is also important to know when to call a professional for help. Let’s look at three reasons to maintain your furnace this fall.

Remove Dirt and Dust for Safety Reasons

Dust and dirt can accumulate in the air filters and in the area around the pilot light of your heating system. Thoroughly clean the filters out and vacuum any dust inside and around the furnace area, as dust could be a potential fire hazard. Before you begin any inspections on your system, always consider safety first. Make sure to turn off the fuel supply and electrical power before doing any inspections.

Have Your Oil Filter Changed for Better Efficiency

If your old oil filter is dirty when you turn on your unit, it could allow impurities and gunk to flow into the system, causing it to run poorly. A clean oil filter will allow your unit to run smoothly and efficiently, which can help to lower your energy bills. Don’t try this yourself. Call William G. Day Company to change the filter, as the old oil can be harmful to the skin and must be disposed of properly.

Extend the Life of Your System

As a homeowner, you can help extend the life of your unit by cleaning the corrosion out of the combustion chamber. Over time, rust and corrosion can build up on the walls of the chamber, and these particles can interfere with the efficiency of the unit. By cleaning dust, dirt, and corrosion and keeping the air and oil filters cleaned, you can help your system run much more efficiently. This, in turn, will help extend its life.

When it is time to call a professional to have your HVAC system serviced, repaired, or replaced, call William G. Day Company at 302-219-5591.

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