Investing in a ductless or mini-split HVAC system can significantly improve the comfort in your Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, home. These innovative systems have one or more indoor air handlers connected to an outdoor unit. The indoor air handlers attach to ceilings or walls and are available in many sizes and styles that fit your home. Since ductless systems are easy to install, they’re ideal for renovations, additions, or new construction, and there are other incredible benefits in addition to convenience and style.

Additional Comfort

With a ductless system, you’ll never have to deal with drafts or warm areas caused by leaky ducts. If you have more than one indoor unit, you can control them independently with zoning. That way, family members and guests can change the temperatures in their bedrooms without impacting others in different areas or zones. You can even control all of your indoor units from one place with a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat. Many models let you make changes from your computer, tablet, or smartphone so you can set your home’s comfort from anywhere.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Each ductless indoor air handler has its own air filter, putting an end to dirty ducts and spreading pollutants throughout your home. A ductless system can also prevent bad smells from entering other areas of the house. Still, it’s important to change your air filters at least every few months to maintain clean air.

Energy Savings

Since ductless systems don’t need to push air through long ducts, they use less energy than many other types of heaters and air conditioners. Using less energy means you’ll save money on utility bills. You’ll also reduce wear and tear, extend your ductless system’s life, and avoid frequent uncomfortable breakdowns. If your unit has zoning, you can avoid conditioning empty rooms and wasting energy.

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