Air Quality Report: Wilmington, Delaware


When you are living in places with big industrial complexes, the quality of the air you breath in should be a concern for you. You should familiarize yourself with the area you are thinking of moving to and if you are already living in such an area, then you should know the kind of pollutants in the air and weather patterns.

Air Quality Wilmington Delaware

Air Quality Report: Wilmington, Delaware

Air quality changes between late spring and the summer months. During this time there is little air to blow pollutants away. In Wilmington, DE pollutants created by the Delaware City Refining Company are more concentrated and they hang heavy over the local area during the summer months which causes the air quality index to rise.

Studies done on Air Quality in the U.S. showed Delaware to have 680 cancer-related deaths per 100,000 people. The National Average is 465 per 100,000 people. This means that Delaware residence are over 50% more susceptible to a cancer related death than the rest of the country. This is alarming but further studies show that as companies in the area work towards reducing their impact on the environment, the numbers will come down even further.

Measuring Air Quality

There are certain pollutants that you should consider when measuring air quality:

  1. Ground Level pollutants: these come from the hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other nitrous oxides from cars, trucks, power plants and other combustion systems.
  1. Particulate pollutants: these are pollutants created by power plants, fires, and dust. These get suspended in the air and cause breathing problems like coughing, shortness of breath and asthma.
  1. Chemical pollutants: Chemical pollutants are usually byproducts of chemical reactions and may include carbon monoxide sulfur and nitrogen dioxide. Ideally, these gasses should mix with the air so that they can dissipate in the air, but when they don’t and high concentration can cause allergies and severe irritation of the lungs.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

There are people who are more sensitive to changes in air quality than others. These include children and people with lung diseases and asthma. As residents of places with bad air quality, you can either try to move or you can take certain measures to make sure that you minimize exposure in those areas that you can control, like your home.

You can ensure that the air in your house is of exceptional quality by installing an air conditioner system with air filters or purifiers. The air out can be toxic, but you can at least ensure that the air in your house is safe and clean.

It is important to be aware of the local Wilmington Air Quality Index if you are more sensitive to changes in air quality. Young children, elderly and people with asthma, lung disease and cardiovascular diseases are especially vulnerable. Prolonged exposure to any unhealthy levels of air quality can lead to health problems.

If the air quality in Wilmington worries you, you should rest easy because the city is proactive about measuring pollutants in the area and it issues warnings to residents when there are spikes. You can also ask the local HVAC contractor to recommend the best solution for your home if you want to keep the air in your house clean and pure. Call us with any problems you have and we will endeavor to tailor-make a solution just for you!