The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: How to Conceal Ducts, Condensers, and Thermostats, Beautifully

Your HVAC system helps keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year, but sometimes HVAC equipment can be a bit unsightly. The good news is that you do not have to compromise your style and design preferences in order to house your HVAC system. There are simple ways that you can conceal ducts, condensers, and thermostats to improve the look of the interior and exterior of your home.

Conceal HVAC

How to Hide Thermostat, Condenser, and Ducts

There are a variety of creative ways that you can conceal your HVAC equipment without impairing its functionality. Here are just a few of the ways to hide HVAC equipment:

Landscaping for Outside AC Units

Landscaping is an easy way to conceal your outdoor HVAC unit. Whether you use shrubbery or tall potted plants, the natural greenery helps make your home exterior look more attractive while camouflaging large, sometimes unsightly units. Make sure that when you are planting shrubs or adding new plants that they are at least one foot away from the unit. This allows the system to breathe while also leaving room for repairs. Once you have installed new landscaping, you should also check the unit regularly to clear any debris that may be blown onto the unit as this can impact its function.

Ways to Conceal Thermostat

Everyone has a thermostat, but they can often interrupt the flow of your interior design. You can help camouflage your thermostat by adding a collage of photos or art around the thermostat. This helps make it less noticeable on your wall. Some homeowners may even add a frame around the thermostat or dress it up a bit to make it part of the collage. You may also want to paint your thermostat or choose a color that more naturally blends into your walls to reduce its appearance. If your thermostat is older and looks dated, consider replacing it with a newer, smarter model. Not only will it look more modern, but you will be able to heat and cool your home more efficiently with a programmable or smart thermostat.

Hide Ductwork with Shelving

One way to hide ductwork is to incorporate custom bookcases or shelving units, which hide the ducts from view. Not only are you concealing the ducts, but you are creating useful and practical storage inside your home. For ductwork that is hard to hide, some homeowners actually opt to include ducts as part of their interior design. By designing your space around the ducts, you can create an attractive indoor space without the hassle of covering large ducts.

These are just a few tips for hiding unsightly HVAC equipment. There are a variety of other fun suggestions on Pinterest. Just make sure that when concealing the HVAC equipment, you are not impairing its function. If you have any other HVAC related questions or want to get your system running more efficiently, feel free to contact us today.