How to light a gas furnace pilot light

A furnace is a system that is used in the home to provide heat. The furnace system can use many different fueling sources to provide this heat in the home, including natural gas. With a gas furnace, home owners will have a warm home to enjoy, which makes for quite comfortable evenings. However, with a gas furnace comes responsibility. A gas furnace, like other heating units, requires maintenance and servicing. Many times a professional must be called in to do the job, but sometimes a home owners can take matters into their own hands.

One factor that gas furnace owners must consider is the pilot light. This light is what keeps the unit providing heat. This portion of the unit can go out at any time and to save money as well as time and heat, a home owner must know how to relight the pilot light. Below is a basic guide to relighting the pilot light of a gas furnace.

Manufacturer Booklet

Since furnace systems can vary, it is best to keep track of your manufacturer handbook. This book will explain exactly how to light the pilot light. You can follow these instructions to ensure that the pilot light is relit exactly how it should be to avoid any accidents or problems with the unit. However if you do not have your booklet, follow the simple tips below, which should work if applied to your unit.

Step One:

Find the pilot light option. This should be a portion of the unit which has settings for Gas Valve Off and On as well as pilot settings.

Step Two:

Turn the Valve to the Off position and wait around three minutes.

Step Three:

After the small pause, switch the valve to the pilot setting. You will then need to hold a match that is lit, to the pilot opening. At the same time, push the reset button on the control panel to try and light the pilot. You should eventually see a flame, which means the pilot light was lit. you can use a match during this step, or a long lighter, like one used for barbequing.

Step 5:

Once the light is lit, set the Valve to the On position. If you find the light will not stay lit, it may have a clog. Turn the gas Valve option to Off and then use a small wire to clean the opening. If this does not work, you may be in need of a professional.

These simple tips should allow you to light your pilot light. However, do not be afraid to ask for assistance or the help of a professional.

Plumbing Rip-offs: Why licensing and Qualifications are so important

While there may be many plumbers available in the yellow pages today, some may not be honest. Plumbing rip offs are not something that happens routinely but if you do not do your homework, you could find out that you are a victim of a plumber who is just out to make a quick buck. In this article, we will share why licensing and qualifications are so important to look at so you don’t find yourself the next victim of a plumbing rip off.

Do Your Homework
If you decide to go with the first plumber you call up from the phone book, it serves you right if you get ripped off. If you need a reliable plumber who can be trusted and is skilled at what he does, you need to have the proof. Start asking friends and relatives who they have used in the past. When doing some price comparisons online, look over the website until you see proof that they are certified with a full license. If they have a social media profile, check that out too. You should be able to read other testimonials, read blog posts or Facebook posts depending on the site you are delving into.

What is a license for?

A license is a piece of paper that says that the plumber you have contracted has paid his dues, learned a skill and has taken the steps to protect both himself and his client for any mishaps on the job. But it may be hard to find out if as a plumber you are required to obtain a license in the city and state you live in.

Each country and state has different laws and rules to work by. But as a client, you should protect yourself and your home above all else. If a plumber is worth his weight in lead, he will make sure that he knows the laws and pays for any trade license he may be required to hold.

As a certified plumber, it is their duty to ensure that they have up to date insurance as well. Liability insurance will be able to cover any property damage if something goes wrong with the job due to a miscalculation on the plumber’s part. It will also cover any bodily injury caused to a client or family member due to any mishap on the plumber’s part when completing the job. If a plumber has an employee that is on a job, he should make sure that his insurance also covers any injuries the employee could have.

A client could end up paying a lot more than he bargained for if he does not properly do his research and ask for proof that the plumber has both a license and insurance.

No padding the pocket with an inflated bill
If you get a plumber who is licensed and insured you should be prepared to pay a higher fee. When checking into their services, be sure to ask all of your questions upfront. You will want a quote of everything that is going to be done, all equipment or parts that will need to be purchased and an estimate of time. Some plumbers who do not have a license will try to giving you an inflated bill so they can make more money. For those who are certified, they have earned the right to charge a little more for their time as they have had to spend the time training and getting certified in the first place.

Even if you a plumber does not come right out and try to rip you off, if they have not gone through the necessary channels to be certified and insured, they do not have the same care and concern for their work. They may try to buy things cheaply on the side instead of paying full price for something that will last, or they could pretend to do something they charged for not expecting that you will know the difference. These little things can go un-noticed by many clients and by the time something happens to expose the fraud, the plumber is long gone and nowhere to be found. Save yourself the headache and do your research, price match, check out testimonials, ask for proof of certification and then finally rely on your gut feeling when you talk to them. With proper planning, you can be sure that you will avoid being the next victim of plumbing rip-offs.

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